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Fully in house secure print and fulfilment facilities which follow the most stringent processes.

Spring is Alphatech’s proprietary Client Billing Portal.

Having the ability to deliver your billing documents in a multitude of ways is crucial to a company’s modern billing strategy.  The benefits go well beyond the obvious operational efficiencies.  Understanding this and how to execute the perfect delivery to your clients is what Alphatech is here for. Our team’s wealth of knowledge and full understanding of your billing data and its lifecycle has allowed us to design and develop the ultimate client document portal which can deliver:

  • A single communications hub and archive for all your documents
  • A bespoke online portal with your corporate branding and web address
  • eCommerce enabled – ‘Pay Now’ function linked to your preferred payment gateway (Barclays, Sagepay, Stripe, etc.)
  • Multi-channel e-delivery communications
    • Email attachments
    • Combined email attachments
    • PDF’s emailed with passwords
    • Secure notification – for client retrieval
    • Text Messages
    • EDI – tailored to your clients needs
    • Fallback to print for non delivered/opened items
    • A combination of any or all of the above
  • Secure customer access to view and retrieve their documents
  • Powerful search tools
  • Storage of any document type for your admin and archive use & link documents
  • Self administration for your customers and your Admin users
  • A fluid customer journey
  • Incredible speed of access (document retrieval)
  • Let your customers manage their own communication preferences
  • Provide your Customer Service teams access to manage user accounts and documents
  • Customer Service help-desk tools
  • Admin level reporting tools
  • Totally automated messaging and notifications
  • Naturally Desktop/Mobile/tablet responsive by design


We can provide a turnkey solution with a core Spring portal up and running in less than 6 weeks, and our experienced team will help tailor the system and additional functions to suit your particular business needs.

We ensure security

Our strict systems ensure that the data we process and the documents your customers receive are handled to the highest standards possible. Get in touch today.

We are cost savings

The correct balance of automated and manual processes, coupled with our experience, ensure that we can provide demonstrable cost savings for our clients.

Faster delivery, improved cash flow, reduced aged debt, and most importantly - a better customer journey.

E-billing (the delivery of invoices to your clients) is increasing year on year. Customers are expecting to be able to receive you invoices in the format that suits their requirements, some still require post but many are looking for PDF’s, CSV’s, EDI data indeed some will want more than one option. Alphatech’s Spring solution provides your clients exactly what they want.

Your documents can be despatched, daily or on demand, customers have the ability to access documents online, or through email and they don’t need to contact you if they need to see a copy.  We can even send text messages, ideal for client reminders.

There are a multitude of benefits to the Alphatech’s Spring Portal and they include:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Omni channel billing
  • Enhance security
  • Speed of delivery
  • Speed of resolution
  • Improved aged debt
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Faster cash collection
  • Payment online
  • Instant access to POD’s (often a cause of late payment)
  • Internal access and retrieval much faster
  • Large savings (fractions of the cost when compared to printing)

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