Electronic Delivery

In a world of digital transformation our range of systems allow you to send your documents in fully traceable ways.

Fully digital platforms that can adapt as your customers and business changes.

Although we know that some of your clients still like to receive a piece of paper in the post we also know that the world is changing and many of your clients would prefer to receive their mail in an electronic format.

Alphatech knows the importance of sending excellent communications in various formats that sit alongside the print and mail, and we can convert existing physical processes to a digital process.

As a company dedicated to great communication, we think it is important that we offer electronic delivery of mail alongside our print and mail products.

You don’t need to do anything our systems take care of all your requirements so that you can deliver your business critical mailings (Statements, Invoices, Letters, etc) in a format that suits your clients’ requirements.

Alphatech’s systems are powerful, fast and versatile so whatever your needs we are able to maximise your communications. Furthermore you can send your documents using one or all of the options available. 

We ensure security

Our strict systems ensure that the data we process and the documents your customers receive are handled to the highest standards possible. Get in touch today.

We are cost savings

The correct balance of automated and manual processes, coupled with our experience, ensure that we can provide demonstrable cost savings for our clients.

We have three core electronic delivery services: 

Email attachment

We can produce your documents in PDF format and deliver to your customers via email, all we need is the email address of the person / people you want to receive the communication and we will do the rest.

  • We will attach your document(s) to an email and send them on your behalf
  • We can apply multiple email templates to accommodate all of your document types
  • We will provide process and mailing MI produced for reconciliation
  • We can add a password to the documents to add that little extra security if you prefer


We can provide 100% traceability from send, delivery, open and clicks.

Secure Document Delivery

Alphatech’s preferred option for clients not using our Secure Document Portal – Spring, is secure document delivery when sending financial or sensitive data.

This provides an added layer of security but we make this process no more difficult for you. The process asks slightly more from your customers than simply receiving an email, we find that customers appreciate the time you have taken to ensure their highly secure mailings are safely despatched.

Text messages

If you want to communicate to your clients through text then we can provide this service as well, ideal for reminders, perhaps appointment times and dates or invoice payment reminders we can manage this based on your requirements. Text message are normally usually used along-side your standard communications to further enhance your customers experience.

Get in touch via our contact form or give us a call on 01706 361305.

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